Hello, not sure if this was the right place to ask this but i couldnt think of anywhere else.

I'm relatively new to Guitar, been playing around 8/9 months now and I am using an Ibanez RG 350MDX, Roland Cube 30X and a Boss MT-2 Distortion pedal.

My problem is i cant seem to find a tone that i like. I'm looking for something that goes well with most metal songs however mainly Metallica eg Fade To Black chorus/lead parts.

How can i achieve this? Is the equipment I have that is causing the problem or am i just not using the right settings?

Any help is appreciated, thanks.
Two things come to mind.
1) You may be adding too much distortion ( the louder you play the less you need for sustain) start with less at playing level and add as needed.
2) Same with tone settings, at low volumes you need exaggerated settings of Bass , Mids & treble in order to hear them better. As soon as you turn up the settings become too much. Try starting with your tone controls mid way, tunr up to the level you want to play at and adjust accordingly. Sometimes it's better to reduce one control rather than inrease another to compensate ie reduce bass rather than crank treble if sound is too dull.
Moving on.....
You're probably not going to find many fans of the MT-2 on here, and for good reason. Can I assume that you're using the amp's clean channel with the MT-2 for distortion? If so, don't. The MT-2 can be used effectively as a solo boost, but as a distortion pedal, it blows goats (I have proof). Also, keep in mind that Metallica used different gear than you are using, and have the benefit of studio recording techniques (compression, EQs, and most importantly, double-tracking) for their material. There is no way for you to get the Metallica sound out of any guitar, effect and amp, much less your current rig. My advice is to find the best dirty tone you can on your amp (Metallica likes to scoop out their mids, I don't, but for the Metallica tone, do that), and use the MT-2 with no gain and as much level as makes sense for the leads. That will get you the least amount of MT-2 "Jar of bees" tone everyone bitches about so much.
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