im a guitar player of 14 years im 18 years old from Australia
i just recently finally completed the set up Ive been asking and saving for for years
i just don't understand setting up pedals as im a newbie
my amp is the avt 150 head and quad
guitar is kh 602
my pedals are the boss noise suppressor
boss chromatic tuner
maxon od808
and cry baby wah pedal
i also bought a dunlop dc brick to power it all
im interested in buying something i could put my pedals, brick etc on (pedal case)
and i need help with my amp cause i don't know how to set up the fx loop
in stead of going straight into the direct input
as i want to use my wireless system (shure pgx14)
if someone could please help me out I'd appreciate it immensely or even possible draw me a quick diagram. using paint or something

if you need to send anything send it to jameshampshire@hotmail.com please dont add this

thank you very much