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17 32%
Old Spice
36 68%
Voters: 53.
Axe smells like bug spray.
Don't try engaging me
The vaguest of shrugs
The prescription drugs
You'll never find
A person inside

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I agree with This End Up
Old Spice for me to

Although it's a bit of an old man spray, its very nice.
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Axe = Lynx For the BRITS!

Lynx has has too many varieties, and each one gives me headaches. That being said, i still use it for some reason.

Isn't old spice for old people?
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Explain this "old man spray."

A spray for old men...it's popular with the old codgers (excuse my french)

Lynx is the smell of a desperate teenager.
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no versus threads

Quit whining. At least this is more interesting than "Slash versus Buckethead" and in that nature.

I prefer old spice because I like the smell... Axe is just.... I don't get how anyone enjoys it... and it does work too O.o Not obviously to the extreme of the commercial, but there was that one time:

"Wow... someone smell's good... who is wearing Axe?"
' *suave* Oh yeah...'

*Actually I didn't reply because I was all ready with someone *
That shit actually works because it seals your underarm pores in wax
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Quote by Demonikk
That shit actually works because it seals your underarm pores in wax

Isn't that bad though?

You need to sweat a little, gurlz can smell pheremones or something...

On that note you shoud try fox urine.
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Old Spice = manly man hair, thus making the said person more manly. Any questions?
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no versus threads

Everyone should take note of how cool this kid is. I'm sure he got cool telling on everyone in school until he became the most popular guy in school. It works here too. The more you tell on people to the mods, the more ug famous you'll be.
Brian Urlacher uses Old Spice.
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What the Dickens are you talking about Willis?

I love your avatar xD
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I use axe, but I use the stick, because anyone who uses spray deodorant is a douche in my book. There are decent and bad smelling axe though, I use phoenix. My understanding of Old Spice has always been the stuff you get for Christmas in some sort of deodorant gift package that never gets used.
Axe is for small-town drifter-goons who like the flashy advertising and think it makes them manly and irresistable and such. Yuk. I'm not into snobby fashion but when it comes to smell, expensive is worth it.

- edit - Try Lacoste Red, it's like catnip to girls (not really, but I do get a lot of compliments on it). Recommended!
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so what if you cant get old spice in the country where u live, and the rest smells worse than axe?

/edit one damn google search and guess what, i'm just stupid for missing it in stores xD
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ofcourse i laughed xD

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If I had to choose, Id say old spice. Axe just reminds me of the football-locker hallways at my old high-school, littered with the smell of mixed Axe and sweat.
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well i dont use either, but i voted axe cos its basically lynx under a diff name which i mostly use.
I had Old Spice for a while...they do last. But I switched to Mitchum since it doesn't smell and works well.
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