Hey. Im looking to build my first of hopefully many guitar amps. I think it would be pretty cool and show me exactly how an amp works and such.

I need some advice on where to start and what websites, books etc that would help. Im only 16 but this will help me to see if i want to keep doing something along these lines and help me decide what i want to do after i finish school and go to uni. Im prepared to spend what it takes and work alot on this.

Could anyone give me some advice?
Should i make a cabinet? if so, out of what?
anything else? haha

Thanks in advance, moom
try buying an amp on line6 then after that buy a speaker on peavey then it depends on you on what size or wattage you want to make.
check out the projects at ax84.com. They sell tube amp kits and have a pretty helpful forum.
Just make sure you do lots of research first..

or you could start off with something really simple like a little Gem or ruby (both little battery-powered amps)..
Hey, instead of starting a new thread i'll just ask here (sorry if i'm hijacking your thread)

I wanna build a Epi VJ kind of amp, basically just a Volume knob (and MAYBE EQ knobs), but I wanna make it like 40 watts (powered by tubes). Is this possible?
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Buy any book by Gerald Weber to get you started. AX84.com is an awsome site. So you want something with a Class A sound with 40 watts? I really wouldn't build something like that for your first amp. I have built 4 amps from scratch, and you really want to start simple. If you are good at soldering and can read schematics you are half way there.

Try a 5F1 (champ) as your first amp. It only has a volume control and isn't very expensive to build. Also it will teach you the basics, plus they sound great, they are cathode biased Class A. Buy some books, do some web searching before you even pick up a soldering iron. As a tube amp (especially old school point to point wired ones) can kill you if you don't know what you are doing.

As far as the cabinet goes, if you have woodworking expirience it's not that hard. I use a cheapy dovetail jig and a router. My first 2 amps I built in silverfaced champ cabinets. I found them at a garage sale, the eltronics were garbage, so I just gutted them. Payed $20 each.

Good luck and hit me up if you need any help.
ceriatone.com has some great products and they have pictured schematics of where everything goes makes everything make a lot more since.

and unless you are very experienced with a soldering iron, i would recommend starting off with a little gem, or ruby and building up. And tube amps are usually easier to build then solid states.

runoffgroove.com for the ruby and lil gem
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cheers for that. Sounded like you were talking to me, not BD? Ill take that advice

Well the first part he was talking to me about the 40 watter, but the rest applied to both of us.
Thanks for the help
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i second doin the 5F1 as a first build, cause it sounds good and is simple

then start modding it till u have what u can basically call a different amp. thts my advice.
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You should go combo. At least you can control your volume. And youcould get a 3P2T switch and tube(s) and make it a 2-channel. Just a suggestion. Also make sure the dimensions are all odd. Read Bubonic Something-Or-Another's tutorial. (No Something-Or-Another is not his username.)