Hey UG so i though i would check the intonation on my guitar and it was a bit out soo when i fixed that i got a really weird tinny sounding buzz on the 6th fret on the high E. ummm anyone got suggestions as how to fix this as it is noticeable through an amp....
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mine does that on every fret on high E, and my intonation is wayy out but i cant adjust it any more

need to get it looked at
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is the string rubbing the fret? if so lift the bridge a little.

if it's a rattle noise from a loose part then strum and touch parts until you can find the loose one.

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What i usually do with fret buzz is check the whole setup of the guitar. You want to check action, intonation, nut, saddles. Is the neck bent? I often find playing through buzzing usually eradicates it. No clue why, but i'm not brilliant at maintaining my guitar, i prefer playing it.