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I have a Epiphone Special II that I bought as a starter guitar. I now have a Fender strat that I use as my main guitar. I was going to mess around a little bit and was debating whether it would be worth it to install some EMG Zakk Wylde's in the Epiphone. Just to have something to mess around with and that will give me a different sound than the strat. Is it worth it to invest the money into a cheapie Epiphone or should I spend a bit extra and get a new guitar with the pickups already installed? Something like an Epiphone prophecy. Would love to hear some opinions.

EMG humbuckers will certainly give you a different sound than a conventional strat.

If you're attached to your Special II, upgrade it. It'll certainly be cheaper than buying new.
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EMGs have a tendency to sound very similar no matter what guitar they're in, so as long as you like the way the epiphone plays why not upgrade it.
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I have a old Epiphone LP Special somewhere, and I'd never waste money on it by putting EMGs in.

They're actually worth more than the guitar.

Edit: I'll agree with the above point to a certain extent though. I just don't really like how they play.
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I used to have a special II and I can tell you, they are not worth upgrading...It will probably fall apart in a year or two anyway. Go out and get something that will last like a higher grade LTD or something like that...
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I'd say buy an Epiphone prophency, or even look at some Washburns, thats if you want the EMG's. A new guitar will play better and should sound better than the Epiphone if it's new.
Just a reminder, EMG's don't sound that good through SS amps.
Get a better guitar for EMG's. Then you'll have 3 guitars = more versatility for different tunings, sounds, etc.
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Get a better guitar for EMG's. Then you'll have 3 guitars = more versatility for different tunings, sounds, etc.

Good point, this'll be better if you're gigging/in a band.
You're strat will also be a hell of a lot better at cleans then your epi, or the EMG equipped guitar you wish to get.
I wouldn't put a $208 set of pickups in a $150 dollar guitar. Maybe put some used Duncans in it. You can easily find Seymour Duncans on ebay for $35-$40. Keep the original pickups so you can put them back in if you decide to sell it. Then you can use the Duncans in a different guitar. The Duncans won't do much for the resale value of the Epiphone Les Paul Special II anyway.
thank you for all the suggestions. Maybe I'll just keep the Epi and adjust it to learn some slid guitar. Then get a better guitar for the EMG's
Prophecies are awesome.
You might want to look into an ESP/LTD, about all they use are EMGs.

If the Epiphone plays nice and has good wood (I made a rhyme!!! ) it might be worth putting them in .
I chucked EMG's in my G400 SG and it was well worth it. Those SG Specials are a bit nasty, but with a few cheap mods they can be made half decent. I would recommend changing the pickups, tuners, replace nut with a bone one, and get the guitar set up by a pro and it will feel like a 3-400 guitar
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I threw a set of EMG's in a 2x4 once and strung it up. Sounded pretty EMGish.
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I threw a set of EMG's in a 2x4 once and strung it up. Sounded pretty EMGish.

Aint that the truth. I like actives but theres not much head space with them.
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