I've recently acquired quite a nice guitar, and as the Floyd Copy in it at the moment is rusting away, I need a new one. Must be in gold though, the guitar is transparent red, and has gold hardware on it anyway.

Would a Floyd Rose Copy be any good, or what about the EDGE tremolo's, or something completely different?

Ideas please.

EDIT; BTW forgot to mention, the bridge can't be too expensive, no more than £60 /$120.
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Gotoh Floyd Rose. I just got one and it's the most solid and greatest bridge I've ever had and probably ever will. The string posts are different sizes to regular ones so you'd have to drill bigger holes (10.8mm), or just use the original string posts with the Gotoh Bridge unit.
Most good trem systems cost a lot of money.

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honestly just buy an Original Floyd Rose or a Kahler they're good too don't bother with the licensed ones they're all garbage... you can pick them up on ebay for around 200 bucks the Kahlers are a little bit cheaper thats what kerry king and jeff hanneman use. i'm assuming you play metal if you want one... any time i buy a guitar that has a licensed floyd rose i just tear it out and put an original one in there the extra 200 bucks is worth it
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I got a Gotoh recently in Black for £69 here in England. Dedicate time into looking for anything cheap and you'll find a shop that sells it sooner or later. I don't really know of any good unnamed licenced Floyds, though Jackson ones are pretty bad as I've dealt with one before (BC Rich ones are quite good).
what guitar is it?
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