I have been looking at a couple amps at Guitar Center, all of them are used. Has anyone ever bought one of these or any other used gear from Guitar Center and can you talk them down on the price normally, if you can how much % off can you normally get out of them?
I use to do it to them. Talked one guy down $75 on a used Epiphone, and $25 on a hard case I got seperate. I've talked them down on new gear too. I got my MXR 10 Band new for $90 last time I was there.

I guess it all depends on what GC it is, and how the employees are.
For some reason both amp heads I have looked at have been a friend of each employee I talked with whom brought the head in as a trade in. I'm not sure if that's what they're told to say or what, but both GC's were miles apart