I did a quick search and couldn't find anybody else inquiring on a writing partner besides a woman trying to write pop songs.

Looking for somebody to collaborate on some Metal influenced fast punk type of music. I record all my guitar stuff in Rifftracker bounce down to Wav then to Mp3. Some of my stuff is posted on my profile.

Essentially I want to find somebody that I can send a verse to and have that person write a chorus to it or solo over the verse. Or even them sending me stuff there working on and I can help there writing process. You get the point..hopefully. Also I live in Las Vegas so if your wanting to write together and are in the area let me know.

Also if I posted in the wrong section i'm sorry, if you could direct me where I should post to that would be helpful. Thanks! Hope to hear from somebody.

I don't live in Las Vegas, but I might give it a go. PM me.
EDIT: Nevermind, not my kind of music. Sorry. But if you need a solo over a verse or something, PM me. =)
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even though this is in the wrong forum, i have a free enough schedule that i'd be able to help with anything you want. PM me if you want to exchange emails or something.
Thanks for the replys so far guys I plan on contacting some people on stickam now and GlensHeroicAct. Threads not done so if anybody else is down with collaborating let me know