The answer's probably dead obvious, but I still can't figure it out

I play an all-tube b-52 at212 combo. For some reason, I've just never felt like the gain channel has enough low end, so I'm using a GE-7 to boost the bass and low-mid. I'll also put the level up a bit and it makes for a great lead boost because of the added distortion. It doesn't really do anything for my over-all volume, however.

But when I switch to my clean channel, even when I've got the dirty and clean channel balanced, if I turn the equalizer on, it's ridiculously loud. Why is this?
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i used to have the same problem with an old tube amp of mine. its cuz the drive channel has a bit of natural compression to it to take care of adding random pedals in without the signal getting to loud.
unfortunatly, most clean channels dont have this. i suggest a compressor.
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