One day I turned on my amp like every other day and noticed a loud buzzing sound coming out of my amp. Now there is normally a buzzing sound so I'm not concerned about that because the amp is like 20 years old, however the second I touched the strings the Amp just turned off and has never been able to be turned back on since then. I am wondering if for some reason the amp was louder than it normally was and if this causes a blown fuse or something? I tried plugging it into different sockets and no luck. It just wont turn on. I also noticed that my cable does not work anymore either, so I'm assuming the problem is something to do with an overload of electricity. Is it possible that my amp does not have a fuse to prevent this happening? I could not find a fuse in the amp. Here is some additional info.

AMP = Peavey Backstage 120 Vac, 60 hz, 80 watts

Cable = not sure what kind but it has a killswitch on it.

Effects Pedal = My guitar is hooked into an effects pedal which is then hooked up to the amp, this DOD pedal still works.

Guitar - still works with a new cable because I tested it with my tuner, which is how I learned that my other cable doesn't work.

So once again my problem is that my amp will not turn on, I cannot find a fuse in the amp, My guitar cable that hooked from my FX pedal to the guitar does not work (this could be a separate problem)

Any idea's on whats wrong here?

hmmz 20 years old. that it made a buzz already seems that it already had some problems. check the cables and make sure they dont touch each other. if it blew up i suppose you would hear something and it should be able to be turned on. does it work if there is no cable in it which leads to the guitar. and if it works see if there is a buzz. to find the problem will be tricky but if you ask me just get a new amp. it clearly had a problem to begin with and there are some amp around below 100$ which you can buy and replace later and keep using for backup.