Recently joined a band, going to play acoustic half the time and electric the other half. We will be on small stages, and there's 5 of us. I don't want 2 amps. I'm not a big electric guitar amp fan in the first place so I don't know what I would want. Right now I am using a Line 6 Pod x3 Live going into an acoustic amp, both my guitars go through the Pod. Since the Pod has amp/cab modeling for a PA, it sounds pretty good, but it lacks the "grab you by the balls" crunch since I only have the two 8's, and the other guitarist is trying to get a bigger amp, like a half stack, and I can already barely keep up. Thought about going for one of those JBL powered PA speakers and using it as a monitor, but are there any better ideas?
Err, maybe, I haven't tried the PA thing but it sounds like ti might not work. Dealing with different frequencies and all. But definetly mic. Using the acoustic will cause it too feedback
My PA is pretty good for both, great for acoustic, ok for electric. It takes pedals alright. Just don't expect tube amp results. I've had as many as 4 instruments plugged in at once (it's a 6 channel) with no unwanted noise issues except when a bad cable was involved. Once that was changed it was noiseless until you touched a string.

edit: I should probably add that i only have2x10's with my PA when I run the XT Live so it'd probably only slightly better then your 2x8's Look at 15's with higher output it will certainly give a much better low end.
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A Roland Jazz Chorus would work, especially if you have a POD to plug into it.