Right, gotta write a 5 minute script for the 'script, screenwriting and realisation' bit of my uni course. It has to be one central character, there can be others but can't speak, and they should go on some sort of journey (more of a metaforical, emotional journey).

One of my ideas is of a 16 year old kid, bit of a geek, who likes metal. You know the kind I mean? Long greasy ginger hair, spots, Trivium tshirt, rock boots etc. It would basically be like a Spinal Tap sort of piss take, a mock-umentary if you will.

Just wondering if any of you guys had any ideas? I was kind of thinking something like going into a guitar shop and saying; "That one there is the best guitar..... Why? Cos its pointy"

Any ideas along the same lines, or anything completly different, I'm willing to listen.

Cheers guys
2 friends sitting at a bus stop.

Seriously, the worlds your oyster on what those two friends could talk about.
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2 friends sitting at a bus stop.

Seriously, the worlds your oyster on what those two friends could talk about.

Didn't bother to read it? No? Thats fine....
I know the kind of kid you mean - just like you!

Write the story about an achetect turned vigilante who goes out for some street justice.
If there's an inward monologue going on, which is what I got from the post, just make it a guy waiting at the bus stop, getting on, sitting alone, getting out, looking up at the sky, then walking offscreen to fade. With the monologue going on over the top obviously.
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Didn't bother to read it? No? Thats fine....


So it's one guy? Voice-overs?

How about the stereotypical metal-head is bullied, and the voice-over is him narrating over the top of the action.

Do something original. Like make it a comedy. The suddenly turns into a violent drama when he get a knife and stabs the bully.

I was a Media Student. Once.
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I actually like your idea about the kid in the guitar shop. But instead I think it would be better if he were a little lonely kid at the start, walks in to pick up something for his mum, but sees a mean mother ****ing guitar. The kid steals it/swaps it for something valuable to him and then you have the same kid, but completely different, walking down a dusty old highway towards the devil.

How cool would that be!
Good points about it:
It makes absolutely no sense so they'd believe that you, a media study student, could have thought it up on your own.
You can have some awesome rock and roll in the background
You could just use the Tenacious D video of Tribute and edit the kid in instead of KG and Jack Black.
a ER doctor who moonlights as a vigilante but then ends up treating one of HIS OWN VICTIMS then they become best friends and go on an emotional journey then the victim gets cancer and dies and the ER doctor-vigilante goes out and sits on a chair facing the sea and looks at his friend and smiles then slowly stops smiling as he realises his friend is DEAD then picks up a shotgun looks into the distance as the camera pans out from behind him then cocks it then blank screen then credits
Am I the only one thinking this is a perfect moment for this main character to 'find the meaning of the world, life and the universe' on a drug trip, but then of course its realised he is actually comatosed on a cocktail of ecstacy, LSD and weed.