Basically, gibson les pauls seem to be the way to go with the music I play. However, there are so many models :S the traditional, the standard, the new 08 models, the 60's necks - and so on and so forth. Basically, would anyone care to explain the differences between these beautiful guitars?
Many thanks.
The Studios, are pretty bad for the price, used they're not bad if you find a good one.

The Standard/Classic/Custom are all great models, but imo are extremely overpriced for what they are.

50's neck = fat

60's neck = thin

Newer production Les Pauls are chambered, meaning a lot of the wood has been cut out inside the body to where it's pretty much a semi-hollow guitar. This reduces the weight, the heavy weight is what gave the guitar its well-known sound.

Les Pauls are nice guitars, but are too much for what they are imo. Because of that, I bought an Edwards Les Paul last week and it is far superior to any Studio I've played and easily on par, if not better, than the Standards, for 1/3 the price.
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i personally love the 60s neck on my epiphone.
im about to completely over hall her, change the wiring and pots and stuff, the nut and stuff ill make a thread before i do tough.
Okay thanks to all the posts.
Especially to the musicians friend les paul guide - woah very helpful.