out of all these, which is best - i play metal and i will use a metal muff with all of these

B-52 AT-112 60-Watt 1x12

Randall RG50TC 50W 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

possibbly a used 6505, xxx or 5150, we'll see

heres what we got now

if you have any other suggestions please name but i want to know whats best out of these for metal with a metal muff

EDIT: removed fenders and ac15, classic 30
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geez, good to see you "narrowed it down"

umm....neither in my opinion

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None of the Fenders. fenders even with pedals sound shit (in my opinion) for metal. And the AC15 will be too vintage voiced for metal (again, my opinion you might think different). Personally out of those I'd go Randall, it has enough gain on tap to not even need the metal muff.
the b52, the randall, or any of the 3 at the bottom used
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the b52, the randall, or any of the 3 at the bottom used


Don't use a Metal Muff with them.
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i have an old peavey, the dirty channel is crap, but with pedals the clean is all i use. its tube and its 2 12 and i mostly play hard rock/metal. sounds pretty freaking good imo. that and u can add a cab under it later if u want (like i did) and it wont look stupid. (1 12 on top of 4 12s)
i suggest a 2 12 because itll have the power when you need it.
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Don't use a Metal Muff with them.


and matrix, check your PM's
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You wont need the Metal Muff with any of those amps. I plugged mine into my 6505 just for kicks (I would never really use it through it), and it sounded horrible. It sounded a lot better through my old MG which defies all logic, but it is what it is.

EDIT: I would scratch the B52 off the list, they sound very thin in my opinion. They sound as if something was missing from the tone.
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Well, the B-52 has a better clean, by far...but the Randall will give you a heavy crunch, to there point of where i can be to much, imo
My advice is look around for a while for any of those used Peaveys and if you cant find any of those, then go for the Randall
ok heres are a few traynor amps....are any of these better than the randall?

Traynor YCV40 Custom Valve Combo Amp

Traynor Custom Valve YCV40T 40 2x10 Combo Amp with Celestion Speakers

Traynor Custom Valve 50BLUE YCV50BLUE 50W All Tube 1x12 Combo Amp with Celestion Speaker
If you want a lot of versatility, dont get the 5150 or 6505 but they have amazing gain at high volume. The XXX will have more versatility and great gain but it might be harder to find for cheap.
You might want to look into a used Peavey JSX also. I don't mean to clutter all your choices but buying a good amp is nothing to rush in to. The JSX would probably be even more versatile than the XXX as the other guy stated that 5150/6505's aren't the most versatile amps in the world, but are extremely good for metal.