Surely you mean "inexplicable"?
Ego inflating praise here:
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That is SOOOOOOOOOOO sig worthy! Pure awesomeness to you, sir.

C wut I did thar Fishy?

's UG
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Denny Crane.

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touche vman, touche

mate. feed. kill. repeat.

Um..........WTF was that?

"Hey you one damn sexy ottoman, let me hump ya"
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A few years a ago, I played with it alot and got my time down to 42 secs. Right now, I'm probably around a 55 sec average.
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What's to discuss? It is gay, plain and simple.
Air humping ain't gay.

It's just fucking weird.
I thought I'd seen wierd stuff on youtube before, but this was one of the most confusing ever!
"They credited us with the birth of that sort of heavy metal thing. Well, if that's the case, there should be an immediate abortion." - Ginger Baker

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I've been here long enough, and nobody knows who teh fudge I am

I cry at night
My brain itches...
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You know suicide is just as bad as killing yourself

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what the effff

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The time I fell on my face on a trampoline and cracked my neck, then proceded to run around the yard in a blind panic screaming "I hope I'm not paralyzed! OH GOD I THINK I'M PARALYZED!"
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my words exactly
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My hats off to you mr. lanzaa and you can put this in your sig

M en
E jaculating
T o
A wful
L yrics
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so what exactly were you searching for when you found this ?

"Darkys humping furniture".

Nah, a friend sent it to me on Facebook.
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Funny comments:

"This has got to be the gayest shit I ever seen on youtube. I think gay people would say thats ****in gay. "

"Hey, you know, i have no problem with this. If these guys want to all get together and hump on their mother's ottoman, then godspeed! i say.
They're expressing their hatred of society's values, and the emphasis of the media on men's libidos.
Nah i'm just ****ing with you. "

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"Darkys humping furniture".

Nah, a friend sent it to me on Facebook.

What is this, 1945?!?
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