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I just saw this thread and I just remember some little jokes I had from ages ago about guitars.

- I am like the village bicycle, everyones had a go with me
- I play nothing past 90s and I hate distortion

Les Paul
- I want to be Slash
- I am so rich I wipe my ass with money

-I want to be Angus Young

- Can I twank your G-string please
-I don't need a locking nut, vibrato bar, three pickups, humbuckers, multiple tone and volume controls, or a 5 way pickup selector to be better than you.

BC Rich
- I am a poor decission maker
- I made a bad choice
- I make noise not music
- I'm a metal head, tis BROOTALZ

Double Neck
- I am making up for something

Ibanez Jem
- Lick my ass I play at 200bpm and sound like a MIDI generator
- Hey im a n00b luk at mi sweps

- I Kill people

- I am trying to get laid

7 String
- I love dream theatre

8 String Ibanex
-Rock on Meshuggah

- Next I want a walnut table
- Your not a player unless you go to a golf club

Jackson DMG
- Lick my balls nubz

Reversed Flying V
- I'm blind

- I wish I had a Gibson

Kurt Cobain Signature Fender Jag
- I want to commit suciside

- All new music after 1960s sucks

Gibson Robot
- 10001110001 Will self destruct in 10...9...8...

Anyway enjoy and feel free to flame *rises flame shield* and add some to the list!!!! Let the wrath of UG unite in stereotypical guitar jokes!
Music is the holy grail, sod wine water and the blood of jesus
ITT: Be ignorant about other guitar models and brands. Make tons of assumptions.

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Les Paul.
I am very versatile.
I'm sexy.
I sound awesome.
I fucked your mother.
May the Force be with You.
Carmel is hawt
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- I wish I had a Gibson

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"Do they ? That must be why they're such a dominant global power."
Musicman sterling: i like flea, but i still dont want to be him. i also like jazz basses, but not that much.
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squier strat - although Im shite - every1 thinks Im a fender so love me. Im the person you love to hate!!!
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my guitar in particular says that i'm a fat-ass... the relationship has been strained lately
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you are my new hero cause i do the exact same thing but i suck at it

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Orange Rocker 30. Best Marshall ever

epi firefly dsp 30, epi sg, big muff
olp five string, peavy max 158
Warlock would probably just say "i need a haircut"
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If you take a jar, and whisper what you want to hate into it, then close the jar, coat it in crunchy peanut butter, and shove it up your ass. I'm pretty sure you could hate everything after that.
Ibanez RG550 - I have no cred... yet I get more sex than any of you!!

I am the father of all the RGs!!!!
<--- This is Wally. Not Waldo.

Gear List:
Ibanez RG570
Fender MIA Strat (in black, HSS)
Godawful Marshall MG practice amp

My Youtube
My godawful blog
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Im not quite sure what I was made to do.
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We beat you 6-0 you stupid mother ****er.

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Ibanez - I like things plain 'n' ordinary (excluding basses, i'm no hypocrite!)

BC Rich - Yeah dude, let's shred! .....dude? Where is everybody?

Fender - **** the man, man! You heard of that Timmy Hendrox? I LOVE him, especially his blue mist song. He played a Fender, yanoo?

Gibson - Daddy bought me my guitar. Look! Isn't it LOVELY? Just like my designer mansion!

Ibanez JEM 555 ..the porsche boxster of the guitar world - I couldn't afford the real thing...

Jem 777 - ****YEAHHH, i have skill AND taste!
Dean- Look at me, I can play Pantera and Damageplan songs!
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Stop Performing Meathook Sodomy On Yourself
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My tasty licks aren't going anywhere.
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pretty cool ideas ill update list later when I have time, anyway keep em coming!
Music is the holy grail, sod wine water and the blood of jesus
It says I'm a broke mother fucker.
"I am a remnant of the Forever Origin"

"The forest of October sleeps silent when I depart
The web of time hides my last trace
My blaze travel the last universe
Like the sights of magic
Wrapped in aeons
My mind is one with my soul"
BC Rich Warlock NT5 bass
-I want to be ICS Vortex
-My low B makes you cum blood
-I have more stage presence than my vocalist and guitarists

*hides under a rock*
maybe if you had a
suck less

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telecaster: UNIQUE! admit it, how many people do you see playing these awesome things anymore?

nylon string acoustic: flea markets ROCK!!!!

'Burst Gibson Les Paul: Whoo! I'm Slash!!!!

Ebony Black or cream White Les Paul: Rich Emo/pop rocker

stratocaster: any guitarist's first electric

My guitar: a Pile of shit has more monetary value than me
Seriously, I want to punch people in the face when they claim I want to be anything like that hack Angus Young.

I want to be Frank Zappa, thank you.
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I love you =] I can't say I was very fond of you when we first started talking because you trolled the hell out of my threads, but after talking to you here I've grown very attached to you.

Yeah, write to my fanclub about it, honey.
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Long story short, a whale flew out of the ocean, landed next to me and shot like a wall of water straight into my face.
Any Black painted/coloured acoustic - look at me im different (and maybe emo...)
NSW Group FTW!

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