Title speaks for itself, at my school tomorrow is dress like a musician day. Any ideas of what i should wear or do? I want it to be somthing different than what i usually do, because almost every day i have my Fender hoodie and im wearing a concert t shirt. Also i dont want to have to go to the store to buy tons of things.

I usually wouldnt be worried about it, but i will get extra credit in some classes if i try to make an effort
wear jeans and a t-shirt and say you're from Metallica
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I wish I had dress like a musician during my spirit week

Wear a suit and bring a bass or guitar to school left handed and be paul mccartney?
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yes buy a white mask and get a KFC bucket and be buckethead !
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be someone from slipknot or gwar.

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add that:
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and if for some reason you don't feel like being Angus and just want something simple, Dee Snider..
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Strange, i heard it was black pride week or something like that?
Coincidence that southern fried chicken just started being sold in the canteen too...