Basically, I'm looking for the whole process that you go through while making a song. The reason for this is that I'm looking for inspiration, being a little tired of the usual routine I do now.

What I do is:

1) Play guitar, find a nice riff or chord progression I like.

2) Fire up Guitar Pro, tab the riff into it, think of a nice drumline to go with it.

3) It usually goes from there when I hear how the intro goes, I'm inspired by that, or I might have something unused for a verse riff etc. If I'm not inspired, I'll look at a random GP tab of a song I like and get inspired from that. This is also where most of my songs stay WIP, I can't think of a nice solo or bridge.

4) Once it's finally done, I listen to it a few times, making sure everything sounds right.

5) Next, I take the drums, put them in another GP file and start reprogramming them so that they work with Addictive Drums' drum map.

6) Export the drums, bass and possible keyboard as different MIDIs, close Guitar Pro and start SONAR.

7) Insert Addictive Drums, Broomstick Bass and possibly other synths, set the outputs for the MIDI tracks.

8) Record guitars, mix, master, yadda yadda.

I don't think many people use Guitar Pro for composing songs, so I'm interested in hearing how YOU do it.
the way i do it has a lot less steps then you ahah.

1. Me jamming

2. Me saying wo that sounds cool

3. Expand

4. Refine/fine tune

5. Record using audacity

6. Export as Mp3
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Actually, Guitar Pro is exactly what I use, as soon as I make up a cool riff I like.
Ableton 5, first.

I record my guitar tracks to a click track, then lay drums, then do bass, then do a solo (if I think the song needs one), then hit it with vocals. Mix, EQ, level and panning all comes after that. I like to process at the end and as little as possible.
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Acoustic guitar. No mic yet.
-start with initial, basic melodic idea that I can sing (may or may not have lyrics yet) I call this the 'seed' idea.
-find chords to go with it.
-once the 'seed' is planted, I try to grow it into a verse or a chorus, depending on how strong it is, and where it sort of chooses for itself where it wants to go
-continue 'growing the seed' - spinning melodic content and guitar chords as I go
-replace guitar chords with riffs if appropriate/desired
-arrange song in terms of what guitar is going to do what, what bass lines will work, backing harmonies, etc.

At some point, you have to tap in what I call the 'keeper' lyrics.

Record it once it is written.

I don't bother recording it until then, for the most part. I think it was Paul McCartney who said something to the effect of "If *I* can't remember something I've written myself, how can I expect anyone else to remember it later? If it is going to be a hit, you will remember it."

Not all songs work that way, but that is my basic approach.

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