I can see where this is going
Uptight better off outside
Chalking down a slight adjustment

Maybe you'd better take a look out there
They've been gone a long time and I'm a little scared

How's the wine?
It's tasting fine.
The more I drink
The more I realize life is not refined

What's that your're thinking?
There's more drinks on my yacht
And in the cabin?
Nothing, they're just getting cozy baby

That could be us we're only
Words away, but let's do away with those
It's warm outside, they'll be fine
Toss back some '32 - Life is not refined
No no, life is not refined

I can see where this is going
Uptight better off outside...

We're alone
I want to talk
What I couldn't say on the phone

Yeah, I'm glad you came
I hope you feel the same
Don't you blush now
Don't you blush now
Don't you now
Don't you now

What a lovely cabin
There's nowhere else I'd rather be
And I can tell by how we look
That the four of us could use
A little sleep

And in the morning over breakfast
We smile at eachother knowingly
This little cabin cured our fever
To the end with our unlikely subtlety

Everything is going right now
These are the best damn eggs
The best damn eggs
These are the best damn eggs I think
I'll ever eat
I actually pictured marilyn manson singing this. It's so bizarre in a good way
I liked it. It was interestingly insane.
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