Okay so i mostly finished my baritone project
its a super strat with a single humbucker in the bridge
but the day before i tried out an esp stephen carpenter signature and i fell in love with the sound of a humbucker in the middle position...

But I don't have any idea which pickup to picK!!
Its an mahogany body and the bridge pickup is a Seymour SH-5
The Carpenter Pickup was just something duncan designed but i really liked the sound so maybe something similar?

Thank in advance guys
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what does it have in it now?
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I assume this is a 6-string... in which case, try an Alnico II pickup, it's fairly hot if you keep your tone high, but warm when rolled off.

EDIT: that or maybe one of the P-rails? it's got come cool tapping abilities on it as well... mmm... p-90 option in the middle position would be beauuuuty

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