Check this impressive array of kit my band stacked together last week...


Yeah ok not so impressive This is what we used many years ago...

Wat we have here is...

Line6 spider 2!
Marshall MG30DFX!!!
Behringer ultrabass!
Old laney linebacker
Tiny Kustom bass amp at the bottom
Little phonic PA
Tascam cassette recorder on top of left speaker

Dont forget the...

Encore P-bass
Epiphone SG special
Epi lespaul custom (nice actully )
And the mighty ibanez GIO

Pretty much what metallica use for their tours no?

Sorry, just thought that pic might amuse you, as it amused me
Better than my bands 'wall of sound'. Ours compromises of 2 15w practice amps for guitar , one bass amp and another practice amp for vocals, SCORE!

Gonna get a new amp soon though!
^^ thankfully yes.

But all that coupled with a £150 CB drum kit, well, you can imagine our sound was IMMENSE!

Our drum kit is the best piece of equipment. Its some Tama fusion of summit.
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