no, im not talking about the kind you take to get effed up, sorry. im talking about weight/muscle/nutritional pills, like from GNC. anyway, ive been looking to just eat less and have a little bit more energy for when i run and such, so the people at GNC suggested a pill called "hoodia dex-c20." its supposed to decrease my appetite, give me more energy, and is caffine-free. anybody know whether or not this was a good buy? im not a gym/weight rat either, i just run.
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Im assumign thats the fitness thread^ if not there is one, post there, more people will reply and know what they are talking about.

However, quick question...are you trying to loose weight then? I've tried a few of them sorta pills, cutting gels etc etc when i've gone through the cutting stage of weight training, tbh i've found the effect minimal at best, when compared to the price its not worth it IMO, it just isnt the same as eating correctly and pushing yourself beyond what your mind tells you it can do.
i thought hoodia was for weight loss.


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