Okay! I need help writing a song. I know basics of theory and can do some and write my own song. I want to write a song like this:


I don't know what's musically going on in the song
Its got an easy riff but what key and what the chord progression? I IV V?
Is it Major Minor, or is it more modal? It sound's like it's in a key and I think it is.

what are they doing in the solo's and why do they work. It sounds like they are using a bunch of different scales like harmonic minor and blues and pentatonics

is the song in major or minor?

I don't want to copy it, I just want to make a song with a simple to solo over rhythm for this hard rock/ 80's metal. I want to be able to use a ton of different scales over the solo so it doesn't get boring.

Can someone help me out on where to get started?
90% of the soloing in that video is straight up minor scale stuff - is any of it boring? Tthe song itself is in A minor built around a i III VII IV progression.
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