Hi there everyone. I was just wondering, is the Edge 3 Trem system on the Ibanez RGs replaceable ? As in, if it breaks, could I buy another one and stick it in ? How much would the replacement cost ? I really want an RG, but I also want it to last at least 2 years, and, my limit is 500 US dollars.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
You can replace it, but it would be a bad idea to replace it with another Edge 3. You can stick an OFR in, but it won't get the full range unless you also change the mounting studs and it may require some enlargement of the trem cavity, depending on the guitar.
rg350 and 370dx is a straight swap..change the studs at least aswell..
did myself and worked fine
i think you can swap an edge pro in there with little to none adjustment if its only need to last two years and your not going to abuse it doing tons of dimebag squels and dive bombs then it should last you that long but its iffy
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OFR usually requires alittle shaving either the trem or cavity on the top right side cause it gets alittle close