I have been playing 10 months now and currently have a Strat Copy made by some brand called "Harmonics", a Kustom Dart 10 practice amp, And a Crate FW-65 solid state amp.

I need to upgrade my guitar. My current favorite genre is shit easy punk
I am positive i will move out of this phase and i want a guitar that can handle almost anything. I really like hollowbodies but if there is something better for me please tell. I need something that can handle pop punk to tool. DO NOT recommend a Ibanez! I DO NOT play metal.
**Both statements where supposed to be separated i just dont want an ibanez**

My budget is 300-400 USD

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hss mim strat so once you grow out of that pahse you have a guitar that can do pretty much anything
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I use an ibanez and i dont play metal ....
just because it says ibanez on it doesn't mean its only good for metal, its got an absolutely amazing warm bluesy sound to it.

anyway people can recommend you whatever they want, the only way your gna find the perfect guitar for you is if you try out as many as you can.

personally i hate hollowbodies, but thats just me.
well, you could upgrade to a squier strat. that a pretty good punk/grunge guitar. It can handle any punk fron green day to the sex pistols. it's a good all rounder for that genre.

but for 300 bucks you could puck up a real fenderstratocaster . the mexican ones dont cost nearly as much as the american ones. your local reputible dealer sould know...
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Ibanezes can be used for more than just metal... saying otherwise is an essentially ignorant statement. Gibsons started out life as jazz boxes, and the first Fender guitar was used by country artists and the early production models were used predominately by such artists, but now both brands are heavily associated with genres ranging from alt rock to metal and everywhere in between. It's not so much what it is, but how you play it and what you run it through.

The one important decision you need to make is what kind of pickup configuration you want your guitar to have in terms of where you want humbuckers and single coils. If you want an HH or HSH configuration then an Ibanez may very well be in order.
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Epiphone SG

This would be a pretty good choice.

HSS MIM Strat:



I like the idea of the Tele personally^