is there anything i can do to make it english again or will i have to waste many hours of redownloading, it give me the option to setup. so i didnt choose spanish, it was just ther all works great but its all in spanish :S:S halp??
go on help on photoshop or go to adobe.com and sign up and make a thread on there explaining what happend those nerds should fix it. also if its illegally downloaded make sure you dont make it obvious to them, i've tried it they are like hound dogs....
buy it.
ask me for a photoshop torrent.
ask me for a usenet nzb and i will send it.
it's somewhere in propiedades. i guess. never used photoshop but i can help you translate
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Most of the words have the same base anyway. Latin.

For instance.

I've been living in Spain for barely 2 months, and I speak it quite well. Just learn it.
You can't change the language anywhere in the options, you'll have to re-download it