I did a search on the forums for an answer but I couldn't find what I was looking for.

Here's my question: Does the Ibanez SR305 have a heavy neck

Is this a good bass at all?

i just bought that bass a few hours back . the neck isnt heavy at all and overall the bass is quite well balanced . also in terms of soun quality , it has a huge sonic capabilties . i play metal and it fits right in that genre . i also tried out some RHCP stuff , and wid a bit of tweaking the EQ , u can get a really nice funk sound out of it . its a really gud bass for its price in my opinion . but like goest said , try one out for yourself to see if it suits you .
With an Ibanez SR neck I'd say try it out first. 16.5mm string spacing at the bridge and a very thin neck. If you're a fan of P bass necks, this will feel very different. I personally love my SR305 neck. But sadly with mine it's a tone versus feel thing. The body is light, the neck is fantastic, the bridge is alright. The tone? Sadly for me, it seems hollow, not much in the mids at all. You either have mud or too much treble. If you want a SR305, i'd say wait for a second SR505 (or above) to appear. The SR305 isn't a bad bass by any means and if i had one to start with i'd be over the moon. But there's something in the tone that I miss (and it may just be me). If you're getting a good deal, i'd say go for it. PS - Watch out for the electronics (if its an older DX(and another version which i've forgot the name of, sorry) model).