I was wondering if you could use a program like audacity or the like to import an mp3, and isolate a track (like a guitar or bass line) to better learn the part in the song. I have a decent ear, however there always seems to be something lost in translation when I learn a song completely by ear (particularly jazzy chords), and it would be a fantastic asset to be able to hear a song literally one track at a time, as fast or slow as I need. I appreciate your help! Thanks
^Actually there is.

It's called Transcribe! (Don't mean the exclamation). You can select a section of the song, slow it down, speed it up, change the tone an octave up, down, whatever. It's cool but there's a 30 day limit, but I think the price is worth it... (50 bucks? idk what tickles your fancy)

EDIT: whoops, you mean a track... the program above is used for the entire song... though you could also slow it down and see what it sounds like...
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there is no way, unless you have the master tapes, or possibly if the guitar track is panned center throughout the entire song.
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Well that's a major bummer man, it would be the best learning asset available! But definitely would be very hard to have a program recognize different tracks and basically create a new mix for them. If anyone knows of something like this coming out or currently available, please tell everyone! ASAP!