I'm considering one for my squier
so could somebody give me some quick descriptions of them?

Lil' Screamin Demon

Hot Rails

Cool Rails


Little 59er

JB Jr.

STK hot singlecoils

Vintage Rails

a quick synopsis of them would be great
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I'm pretty sure the Hot Rails are the hottest out of that list, and if you listen to any Iron Maiden song from the Fear of the Dark album onwards, Dave Murray uses Hot Rails in his Strats.
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wouldnt the screamin demon be heavier since its a george lynch sig?
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be the music, not the scene
I'm interested too. Which one has the least amount of trebly stratness?
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unless you're using iron maiden's rig, dont expect to sound like them .

what you get, depends on what you're looking for.

what amp are you using?
what spot is it going in?
what type of music do you want to play?
is the guitar routed for a full sized humbucker?

for example, if you already have a pretty good amp, and you're looking to play metal, you might want to look under the guard, see if a humbucker fits, and then do that instead.

the only extra cost is the new HSS guard. or go nuts and cut the plastic in the old guard.

railed pickups sound like really hot singles, imo.

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