Hi, I'm currently looking for an OD for use with a tube amp. I'm very keen on both of these Maxon pedals, but there seems to be alot of common ground between both and there's no where near me that stocks them to try out

So does anyone have any experience with these?
I think it's pretty much the same difference between the Ibanez TS-9 and TS-808

The 808 has a more vintage voicing and is a slightly smoother overdrive
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i have an od808. very good stuff. it's extremely versatile. from vintage stuff to raunchy overdrive. i'm using it as either a standalone overdrive to push my amp for rhythm playing or as a gain booster for my ocd.

by the way, the od808 is not true bypassed, but the od9 is...although it is recommended for the first pedal in your pedal board to be buffered.
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