so i have a squier strat and i was wondering if i shoul buy a new one or if it worth moding it a lot to make it sound good. if so wat kind of pick ups should i buy
is it possible to make squiers sound good? i don't think so... just but a new one
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Why would you buy a new one?

Its good for a starter guitar, but thats about it IMO I wouldnt sink too much money into customizing it either.

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is it possible to make squiers sound good? i don't think so... just but a new one


it depends what type of squier, if you have an affinity series then they are made of solid alder which is good wood. (most made in america strats are alder)if you have anything else, sell it to somebody and put that 50 bucks towards your new guitar. depending on what type of music you play, you can make sound as good as a made in usa strat. all you need to do is change tuners, change pickups, repaint & change bridge if you want and you have a great guitar
Squires really arent worth modding since they are made with lower quality parts. Even replacing the pickups wont solve things like intonation problems that a lot of Squires have. Not to say that there arent Squires that sound decent, but once you play a higher end guitar you'll realize how much of a difference quality makes.
Squiers are about the easiest guitars to set up. Setting the action and intonation is a breeze IMO. I would change out the pups without reservation. (I have two that I upgraded). On a budget, they are decent. Don't expect it to have any resale value, but the sum of the parts, yea.
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