3 things to notice - the drummer isn't on the recording, its a drum machine
- the bassist isn't on the recording, its a bass track
- we dont have a singer

we plan to record properly though as soon as we get a singer - this is just to get the name around and see if anyone likes the basic principle of what we do.

it also brings attention to the fact that we need a singer - so if you live near chester, england - then this maybe your chance to be a rock god.
so you have a guitarist? and maybe a rhythm guitarist?

so... you're like 20 - 40% of a band??
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Hey, firestar's got nice hooks, but the two others are too repetitive riff-wise, should try different bridges & blend in lead lines like an octave higher or whatever that would spice the stuff up a bit, but nice basic idea.

On a side note I'm quite impressed by the emerging hard rock scene in europe, france, sweden & england is spawning nice fresh stuff, is it really rock-friendly out there os is it only that there'S a rush of rock-playing peeps out there ? (Question coming from a place that'S got more snow than russia last winter AKA canada) if you feel like answering shoot a pm or something, anyways keep on rocking .
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