I'm going to an Alice Cooper concert in less than an hour and a half
Any ideas what to expect? I know he's got crazy stage shows, but does he still do that stuff?
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Not really. He's too old to pull half the shit he used to, and this was when I saw him five years ago.
cooper is never too old to pull of the old stuff he used to do...gallows or head chopper thing is fantastic, killing his daughter as britney or paris hilton or whoever is wicked and all the songs are epic, well most of them. and the new album is one of his best for a long time. if you didnt enjoy seeing cooper you were oblivious not at the right gig!!!!
Quote by IonAiden
and the new album is one of his best for a long time.

I saw him on TV talking about the new album. Sounds like a really interesting concept.
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Cooper is just as good as he used to be live. I see him ANYTIME i get the chance. Cooper and Judas Priest = Best live bands ever.
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