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All right, heres a stupid thread.

If all the presedential and vice-presedential candidates died at the same time, what should happen? Not neceseraly what would happen but what should.

I hear Tony Blair has been looking for a job...
Bob Barr of course
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whoever the hell wanted to run for president would have to be voted for. Probably Mike Huckabee and Hilary Clinton would step back up, or we'd have to vote for third party candidates.
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Speaker of the House duh.
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Hilary would probably jump back in. She's been waiting....

who do you think masterminded the whole mass murder, huh?
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they should hire RAMBO to investigate and take care of the situation
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Ralph Nader would be president. Greens will always get some votes so I guess it would fall down to them. I dunno.
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President Schwarzenegger would step in and sort this shit.

Anyway, the only way that they'd all die would be some kind of terrorist attack, and in such extreme circumstances, I'm guessing the American government would have no qualms with suspending the election indefinitely (fascist, but likely).
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Well shit, we'd all have to write in names. Ron Paul would have a chance!
Stewart and Colbert, '08!

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Colbert and Stewart, '08!



Stephen would lead us into a golden age of prosperity.
Christopher Walken would finally take his rightful place as master of the Americas.

Yes? Yes?!?
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Christopher Walken would finally take his rightful place as master of the Americas.

Yes? Yes?!?

Fuk Yer!
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Bob Barr of course

This should happen anyway.
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