I now have the money to buy a nice decent amp, so i decided to narrow down my search by getting some suggestions.

Here's some things that may help:
I have an ESP ltd ax 260
I play mostly metal (all types), but im really up to playing anything
Im looking for a Half Stack Tube Amp
I have 1700$ to spend on it or i can wait a bit longer if i really need more
a long time ago i was looking at a peavey valve king halfstack, but ive changed my mind, unless that amp would be a good choice

anyway thanks in advance for your help
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peavey 6505+ half stack its $1799
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peavey 6505+ half stack its $1799

ur not a a bad idea if u go used u can save alot of cash on this though at that price i say u go to a store and try everything they have there for ur price.
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