i am looking for a new guitar. the two main genres i play are Alternative Rock and Thrash Metal. I would prefer if it have at least 22 frets (preferably 24), either a double-locking tremolo or a fixed bridge/tune-o-matic. my budget is of around $300-350. i cant go used.
ive been playing for just over an year.


A tremolo in that price range isn't a really good one.

You'll get a real metal machine if you swap the pick-ups later.
if you can go used then keep an eye out over here


i got an older dkmg with the emg-hz pickups... and a broken headstock for $150. then i bought a new dkmg neck off ebay for $175. i already had pickup upgrade from my ibanez RG that i built up from parts off ebay and parts off an old electric. then for some reason i wanted to try a jackson... i will NEVER look back. then neck TO MY TASTE is perfect. i can't explain it. maybe its the variable radius fretboard. but the ibby seemed to be TOO thin.
anyway, its all personal preference. i also played a ESP ltd 400-at, and i couldn't play that neck AT ALL. it just dind't work for me
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