so what do you think of these multiFX i am looking mostly at the amps simlutaor, because i am playing trough PA most of the time and i discoverde that runninf trough some kind of amp simulator really improves the sound so i want one of my own
what do you think?
digitech bp200 or zoom b2.1u?
EDIT: forgot to mention that i cant order from the internet here in peru(my country) and that no store has the B2.1u and the digitech is realyl cheap for used
should i wait until some store gets the B2.1u or just buy the bp200?
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I love my Zoom. Haven't had experience with the other one but the Zoom is great value and good for trying out lots of effects.

I would definitely not suggest it if your mainly looking for an amp simulator though. Look into the Sansamp Tech 21 ones. They are great.
I have a Zoom B2.1U. I'll start with the pros ; It's cheap, it's easy to use for home recording, it's very tough, the amp models sound pretty nice actually, it has a drum machine, you can modify your patches, the compressor is not too bad, the delay is good, the reverb is good. The negatives ; The distortion is unruley, it's too harsh (even when trying to tone it down). Low end? gone completely. The wah is a joke, it's like a sick practical joke is being played on you (it even has the cheek to say its based on a Bootsy Collins pedal) and finally the synth is pathetic, if I had to play a live show using either the dist, wah or synth i would actually cringe at how bad it sounds.

If I had the money, yea i would buy seperate pedals. but I don't and this does what I really wanted from it (something to play with headphones, record to PC and get a basic feel of what different effects would do). I'd give it a 6/10 for all round use.

PS - Try this out first, please.