Hey guys I have never don any actual shopping with bass equiptment, I usually got all my stuff given to me. Soo I have been thinking about buying a wishbass, mostly because I love the body shapes, I really do not like the standard shapes of bass guitars. So if anyone has any experience with the quality of these instruments...yeah.

Also I think I am going to be given an Alesis Bass FX soon, and I would like to know what the UGers thought about this pedal. Ill take it not matter what, so whatever.
Wishbasses aren't thought of too kindly around here. The tone is generally terrible, but I've no say on the build quality or how they feel to play.

The thing you'll get told quickly is that how the bass looks isn't near as important as how it feels and how it sounds. What kind of music you play will make a large difference on what bass we recommend to you.

As for the pedal, Alesis makes crazy good stuff, so it should be a winner, but I don't know, I've never actually heard of that pedal before.
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