What's the difference between S620EXQM vs S470DXQM?

Both have the same bridge, neck pick ups...

S470DXQM has an extra middle pick up but it cost less than S620.

It is some internal guitar feature that the untrained eye cannot see?
well to start off, they don't have the same pick ups, check that first, am pretty sure the S620 uses an emg designed pups, anywho they aren’t as good as you expect so lets put this point aside, body wood is the same, neck is the same, fret board is the same, bridge is the same, pretty much its the same guitar, but the S620 i suspect that it has a better wood quality. I played both guitars for i was going to buy one, but for me i wasn’t comfortable playing an S series guitar for its thin profile. but to me both guitars where similar, sure the S 620 had the pups advantage and better looking finish, but the S470 is drastically cheaper, so you can actually save the money for some awesome pups... i say go for the S470, many ppl own this guitar and has nthn but praise for its versatility and playability and looks. Check the reviews on it in the reviews section
hope i could help
thanks. s470 colours are a bit too bright, the red and the blue...yeah it's drastically cheaper for sure.
Nothing much, the S620 has the sexy colour appeal and slightly better pups, but you know, with the difference in cash between the 2 guitars, you could buy Dimarzios, SD's or EMGs and stick them into the S470.
gd luck brother.. i know with Ibanez you’ll never go wrong ( I mean when you know what the hell you are doing of course ) and ya i agree colors are too bright, nevertheless the blue is sexy.
hope you enjoy ur new guitar soon
Both are MIK but may be made in different factories. Play them first before deciding. I wanted a S470 till I tried to play it. The MIK necks are quite variable and I suspect it is because they are made by different factories.