Would it be fair to say that many guitars stores have seasonal sales like end of financial year, boxing day sales?

Is it better to buy during high seasons like christmas?

I know guitar prices depend on availibility too...but is that the only factor?

Anyways, what do you guys reckon is the best time to buy?
GCs Labor Day sale is actually pretty good.

Go with a friend that also wants to buy a guitar. If you buy them together they will probably get you a deal.
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Guitar center has a great veterans day sale

Ya, Guitar Center always has some good sales. Um, I'd say Christmas would be one of the best times.
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i say buy guitars any time you have the spare cash!

usually i find most guitars are priced fairly consistantly thoughout the year, though you can get good deals at sales. most stores have sales on black friday here in the US, as well as for many major holidays. there is no specific season to buy a guitar, just either get what you want or try waiting a few months to see if it goes on sale.
over here, most stores seem to get lower in stock, and have more sales, in the summer. though with the credit crunch, you might find sales at any time...
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