Or any two instruments they're passionate about. Do you have trouble progressing with both?

I try to practice both instruments regularly, but it seems like the better I become at one, the more the other suffers. For a while I could do amazing slap, but this screwed up the way I hold a pick to the point where I'm terrified I'll drop it if I play guitar live.

Do you think playing both is damaging my progress with both?
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come to think of it, i was like that for a while, but what i found is, bass improved my understanding and technique with guitar, i'm average at both instruments and Yeah, I'd love to slap like mark king, and pick just like SRV, but at the end of the day, I'm comfortable with what i do on both instruments,

Practicing helps, putting both into practice too....

good luck

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Just gotta practice.

I've learned to balance both pretty well.
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i was the same way until i said **** it and sold my guitar and just focused on bass it think it helped a lot because i caught onto new techniques and such a lot quicker, that could be just me because i know few people who are great on both and seem to have no trouble with either
Hell no, I started with bass and then moved on to 6 and 7 strings. I practice with all 3 during the week and still do shows on a regular basis. More instruments means more practice.
I find it hard to switch straight to the other one, mainly becuase of the differing sizes of frets/strings, but after a minute or so i'm back on track.
I have a similar problem with clarinet and tuba. I've been playing the tuba for two months, and I started playing the clarinet today, and my embrochure has gone to crap.

Of course, if you're having embrochure problems with bass, you have a bigger problem, but you know what I mean. Similar things can happen between guitar and bass.
I find they both improved my playing on both instruments. when I first got my bass I played it non-stop, when I finally switched back to guitar, after getting used to the size, I was way more fluid and had tighter rhythm, not to mention I was faster.
I'm not saying I find it awkward switching. I'm just having trouble dividing practice time. Looks like I'll have to increase it to fit both instruments.
^thats mine too

just find your forte and practice that one less... cause once i got my speed up to how fast i want it right now for bass im happy with that and slap. but i still wanna make sure my bass speed is on lock. guitar is my forte and i could not practice for a week and still play really well. only need to work on sweep and solos. and chords. they are harder to forget if you use them in a song.
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Practice. I found that learning the drums helped to increase my understanding of drums and rhythm and as a result, me and my drummer are perfectly in tune with each other.
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I'm not as into slap as most people here, so it's not a big problem. But after an hour of playing my guitar, I notice it takes longer to get comfortable with my bass.
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I have been the opposite. Diversifying my instrument portfolio has broadened my horizons, and improved both for me.

For example, I play bass primarily fingerstyle, and my fingerstyle guitar technique has gotten better by association. Very different technique and hand positioning, but close enough that they use a lot of simialr skills.

Also, the more instruments you play, the more theory begins to make sense. Seriously. Music theory isn't as much musical as it's psychological, and when you realize that, you will go far.
I find it easy to pratice two intruments. All you do is just play guitar one day, Bass the next.
I can competently play several instruments and all it takes is a bit of balance and dedication.

Playing bass has made me a much better guitarist and has helped me to get out of my comfort zone and improv on most of the instruments I can play. Playing drums has made me a better bassist since it helps my sense of rhythm and how to lock as a bassist and with other instruments. Both have inspired me to pick up mandolin, uke and the other instruments I learned back as a guitarist.

Its all good...and the more you learn, the more well rounded a musician you become.