these Guitars were made in the 70's and 80's and were made in india, they have a great reputation, and are licenced by Fender,

This is a wonderful eighties guitar,20 or so years old, aged parts, hot pickups, great strat tones, fantastic neck, easily better than most modern squires or other cheap plywood copys,this is solid wood, possibly alder.

Condition is very good for its age,
I have left the logo alone, I like the COOL Mustang logo.

What are you expecting to sell it for like? A quick search shows a couple that were on ebay for £70 BIN and one on gumtree for £75 with amp.

It's not really worth much.
I think you might get a better result if you put some pictures up of the real thing
the pics are the real thing, only one is an add
and most of the £75 quid ones are the chinese models with the horse on them.
they are not as good.
but I am only after £100 for it so not asking loads.