Hey everyone i am in some desperate need of help, I have been playing guitar for the past 2 years and have barely accomplished anything. I have bought so many Method Books and stuff but it just doesnt work for me. Im terrible at chords and chord progressions and Scales And music theory is really confusing even though im in band at school. I need to learn how to get better can anyone help me with websites or methods or dvds or anything that will help please and thank you

don't learn how to 'get better'
learn how to be a musician
it sounds to me like you just buy these things, read them, and expect to know them. and you dont practice what youve read/learned. i apologize if im wrong, but playing in the school band alone is not enough practice.
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O yea i totally understand that. But i want something thats going to be interesting and that isnt hard to understand haha
often you don't realize that you have improved. there are some ways to check that. has there been a song that has been struggling you in the past? try to learn it now. or try focusing on one particular thing and if you accomplished it go to something else. by doing this you will not have all the work half done but can just focus on something that you have improved. another good advice is play something different. i just started playing in a band and we tried out loads of sounds and yea really learn something from each style. we played some rock, pop, blues, jazz reggae and you just learn different things from trying differnt stuff. but yea you should just explore the different styles and if you want to learn something more stick to it until you have mastered it
Harmonycentral.com they have some good stuff that you should look up there, and while youre at it, hows about you look around the site that you posted this on. *Slaps you on the forehead* Look at the videos here, I have found that the shred masterclass is actually pretty interesting, and the teacher is very easy to understand as well...(probly the best guitar instruction Ive gotten). Also there are hundreds(literally) of guest columns that you can read thru that are available right on the home page...helpful enough
Armins thanks alot i appreciate the input. Devdude thank you so much also i have never really checked out Harmonycentral.com but obviously i have been on this sight haha and i have looked at different lessons here and they were helpful.
its all about practicing, if u cant quite grip the material u need to keep practicing them any chance u get, practice it until u know it in ur sleep. Ive been practicing for 6 months and i can tell that im getting better. You have to understand that this isnt going to happen in two years unless u've been ruthless about keepin up, my friend has been playing for 4 yrs and he sounds amazing! I promise u if u keep up the work u will ultimately impress friends family and urself. but to help u get better understanding listen to ur fave guitarist and learn about him or her, and wut they did to help them become better. And finally the more u play for ur own enjoyment the more u will wanna play and the more skills u acquire.
Get some real-life instructions. Not books, not online lessons. Real, in-person lessons so the instructor can actually analyze your playing and help you out depending on where you are. You'd be surprised how much you'll progress. And also, practice a few hours a day at least, and practice with stuff that's a bit challenging, not just Iron Man over and over.
I would totally get Lessons but no cash and no car hahah and i practice a lot but i think its the things that i practice that arent helping me im more like hey im gonna play this song but not learn about scales and chords just this song