Stuff I like:

Red Sparrowes
Pink Floyd
Porcupine Tree
King Crimson
Alice in Chains

so mostly stuff that is progressive and hard rock and some grunge.
Recommend some easy tabs I can learn...
them bones by alice in chaines
Sorryz for me bad engrish.

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My Sweet Shadow-In Flames, Hourglass-lamb of god(If you can ) 11th Hour-Lamb of God, Through Struggle-As I lay Dying, Hanger 18-Megadeth, Cloud Connected-In Flames, Gunshot to the head of Trepedation-Trivium: that oughta occupy your time for just a bit
...even if you hate growling metal, guitars are all you should care about when learning a song, as you will only be playing the guitar, not singing, you like those bands, you want to stretch your abilities as a guitar player, play those, dont bitch when people give you viable input
no i was just saying i thought that barbie girl by aqua is not a real song... like i thought basically it was the equal of saying go learn to play rick roll >_>
Omg Its ****ing Worse Than Rick Roll! Damn **** You! I just watched it on youtube >____________________________>
Blackest eyes by Porcupine Tree.
Smells like teen spirit by Nirvana.
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