I am actually surprised there are no threads on this topic (I think).
Anyways what do you guys think of this? Do you guys think he did die in 1966 in a car crash and replaced by a look and sound alike?


Here's just a couple websites, the information is actually quite believable. Personally though I think this is bullcrap, but if it was true why would they cover it up? The Beatles didn't cover up John Lennon's death or George Harrison's death, and they probably would have said by now that he had died.
If there already is a thread like this I'll delete it right away.
Fake for sure.
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It's a strange one but a lie for sure.

Whoever said the Beatles died in the wrong order was so right. Why is Ringo still here?!
Anyone read that story about him giving up on replying to fanmail? What a ****.
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Anyone read that story about him giving up on replying to fanmail? What a ****.

It's kind of understandable why he was saying that though cos he is obviously very busy but equally he did come off a complete douche. Especially in the way he was saying it