im in a deathcore ish band, and im new to writing.
i can come up with riffs every once in a while, but would like to know a few things that would help with coming up with something dark sounding.
i know minor scales tend to have a sad or dark sound but, that doesnt mean everything from a minor scale will sound that way.
what id like to know, is what things make up a dark sounding riff? are there certain positions on the neck that sound more dark? what can i do to make any old riff sound darker? thx
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id say if you want to be heavier, tune lower. Drop C maybe? Try using the harmonic minor, thats pretty dark sounding
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you can't quantify that kind of thing too much. ie as you've said minor scales are darker than major, definitely, but also as you've said, that isn't always the rule.
i'm afraid you're going to have to just mess around!
however a building on diminished 5ths and semitones are a decent start. however keep in mind they are WAY overused by themselves lol
diminished chords are quite twisted sounding, in fact if you use the diminished scale (which is basically semitone, tone, semitone tone, ad infinitum, unless i've got that backwards, but doesn't matter much) you can come up with some weird sounding stuff that can be dark if you mess around with it.
there are also augmented chords, over which the whole tone scale works fairly well.

but at the end of the day, you've gotta make it what it is, those are just tools, and can be used for any end. it's up to you to make them sound how you want them.

good analogy above about sex and guitar...
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different modes of minor scales will give you different types of dark or strange melodies


Also learn the keys and try to incorporate some diminished chords.
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