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Maple Board
2 11%
Ebony Board
17 89%
Voters: 19.
Which one do you like the looks of beter?
also, opinions on this guitar, would be appreciated....

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Ebony. The maple looks ugly.

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it feels better and looks better
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i love maple but ebony is even better i would take maple over rosewood though
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Quote by gstacey1
i love maple but ebony is even better i would take maple over rosewood though

i personally like maple, but only on strat styled guitars. i have a jackson dk2m with a maple fretboard with maple bindings and maple inlays, and its sweet! but anyways i find that if its on like a les paul or anything else, the ebony is better. and like everyone else i hate rosewood.
I'd have to say ebony. I like the feel of it for more shred-heavy style stuff (basically the whole point of the RR24), but for strats I do like a soft maple fretboard. Especially when it gets aged and looks really beat up .

Plus I think the color options for the RR24M are pretty lame.

I liked the RR24 I played, it was white (black bevels) and it was pretty sick. I liked the compound radius fretboard too. Def a good guitar, but it is pretty much a metal guitar. You could play other stuff with it but you'd definately have to have the right amp and roll the pup volume down.