Ive been working on a solo for a song I'm writing and want to know what you all think about it. It's not done, I kind of want to see where others think I should take it. Feel free to criticize, I'm a newbie in writing songs.
tr - trill
the bend from 19 to 20 is not needed but I like to include it the way I play it. It's just a quick slide down the 3rd string.


make that bottom bar a chain of hammer ons... like

It's cool. i have a comment though: its a bit repetitive. otherwise, pretty cool. I was a n00b once too lol
i'd prolly switch strings instead of going up that one string, but that's just me
that ascension part at the end is cool
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I tried hammerons and it doesnt get the thickness I wanted in the sound, but it does make it sound cooler going faster up. Thanks for your opinions. I really like the sounds on that string all of the others dont seem to fit into my song right.

And instead of hammerons, in a group of three it would hammeron then slide, for example:

0h2/3 2h3/5

it sounds AWESOME. I'm using that instead of my idea! Thanks!
Oh, and would should go next? I dont want to repeat that same part, and I want the solo longer. Should I descend now?

And if your playing this solo to hear it, put the echo up really high, it sounds cool, especially the 3rd string slide from 19 down.