Well I just want to get opinions on this song. I only sing the first 2 parts, just want to know if I should work on my singing or if you guys think I'm ready to just record the rest of it. It's my first time singing so I really don't know if I suck or not lol. Songs in my profile or just click below.

Blackbird/Yesterday cover
Duke Ellington - If it sounds good, it is good.
That was really good for your first time singing. Like the guy above me said, your voice sounds almost exactly like Paul McCartney, you just need to work on keeping on the right pitch. On some notes you're way off pitch and on the longer notes your voice starts to waver a bit. The guitar tone also sounds really good, what do you use to record?

Could you crit one of my songs? I guess just pick one, as I don't want to bump any of my 6 month old threads. Thanks.
well...it was pretty good I guess
but you had a lot of out-of-tune parts that I think you should work on , but it was very nice
Great stuff man. Perfect timing and plucking. I love your voice man. You sing really great. Some parts are not in the right pitch but they are hardly noticeable. Overall, great cover. I enjoyed it.


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